Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Capacity building initiatives to develop in-house IT teams that are fully equipped to deal with the complexities of managing and implementing e-Governance projects and to reduce dependency on external agencies.


An academic centre of excellence with a strong research core

IIITM-K is a premier institution of excellence in science, technology and management. It actively promotes higher education through its IT facilitated education programs and services across Kerala and beyond. The institution is well-known for its research in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics and Remote Sensing among others. The institute is a pioneer in conceptualizing and implementing some of India’s well recognized IT initiatives in education, agriculture and e-Governance.


Towards building a free software, a free society

ICFOSS is an autonomous organization set up by the state government on the premise that Kerala has the right credentials as well as a responsibility to lead the rest of the country and the world in the domain of FOSS. ICFOSS aims to popularise Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) for universal use; consolidate the early FOSS work done in Kerala; and network with different nations, communities and governments to promote FOSS.


Helping Kerala’s youth learn new marketable and transferable skills

ICT Academy of Kerala is a Social Enterprise created in a Public Private Partnership model (PPP) for imparting ICT skills to the youths of Kerala and improve their employability opportunities in the Industry. The Company is supported by Govt. of India , partnered by Govt. of Kerala and the ICT industry.


Supporting education, innovation and entrepreneurship that underpin the growth of the Knowledge City

Thiruvananthapuram is emerging as a strategic Knowledge City that is base to strong knowledge sector industries, an entrepreneurial spirit and a skilled workforce. The city is constantly exploring new avenues in creating a vibrant economy of knowledge-based public and private organisations; forging networks across the business, research and education sectors; and encouraging entrepreneurs. These factors have led to Thiruvananthapuram become a Centre of Excellence in the knowledge sector, playing a pivotal role in the educational, industrial, and entrepreneurial scene in the region. As befitting its role, Knowledge City is witnessing a coming together of the triumvirate—startups, institutions and companies—to take part in key development activities that leverage disruptive technologies and redefine living standards and uplift communities. The Knowledge City is currently focusing on building capabilities in technologies such as Cognitive Science, IOT, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics, Cyber security, Block Chain and FinTech, Space Applications, and Electric Mobility.